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Me My Elos

Me My Elos (also known as MeElos or MyElos) is a machine designed for quick and permanent hair removal. My Elos is the name of the machine and elos is the type of light the me elos machine uses. Elos (Electro-Optical Synergy) is Syneron's clinically proven, gold standard technology that uses low-energy pulsed light together with gentle radio frequency (RF). This light technology is a step ahead of IPL and Laser. When an elos pulse is emitted from the memyelos epilator the energy is deposited in the skin, selectively targeting the hair follicle. If the energy reaching the follicle is high enough, it permanently damages the hair follicle and that specific follicle that was damaged will not be able to grow hair any more. Elos provides greater levels of efficacy, superior levels of safety and user comfort – no pain, at most slight warmness or tingle - as well as far shorter treatment times versus intense pulsed light and laser.

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This model can be used on all skin tones and hair colors.

Difference between Me My Elos device and other models in the market:

The Me My Elos offers the following benefits, which are improvements to other models in the market:

•  Shorter time per session: with Me My Elos, it takes just minutes to remove hair from areas. Other models take hours.

•  Less number of sessions and overall session time: with the Me My Elos you need 7 sessions to remove around 89% of hair treated. Sessions are once a week, while other machines need 7 to 12 sessions, and each session is once a month. Conclusion: Me Elos requires month and a half versus one year with other machines.

•  Elos Me epilator is the only machine that allows user to remove hairs immediately while treating hairs permanently in one same session. This is possible with the use of accessories (sold apart): shaver or epilator. As me elos passes over the surface, hair can be removed at the same time. No other epilator offers this benefit of 2 in 1. The use of accessories is optional. You may shave or wax immediately before treatment. If treating light-colored hair, you must use the epilator accessory (the epilator plucks the hair and creates microscopic damage to the hair follicle, creating a target for the elos pulse to actively treat the cells to prevent future regrowth).

•  Some systems (usually professional systems) require the use of gel while treating ares. The Me My Elos does not.

•  The Me My Elos epilator is the only machine for all skin and hair colors, including black skin and white, gray, blond and red hair. No other machine in the market offers this unique advantage. This is possible thanks to the elos technology which permits a deeper treatment level, not possible with intense pulsed light or laser. My Elos is the only machine that uses elos technology.

•  Elos Me can be used on the female face.

The Manufacturer of Me My Elos and the Elos technology:

Me My Elos is developed by Syneron Medical, the world leader in professional aesthetic devices. With over three million elos treatments performed annually, elos is clinically tested and medically proven. Treatment with me elos is safe for home use, as has been demonstrated. Me My Elos epilator uses the same 10-year professional elos technology at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments performed at doctors´ clinics.

Session frequency and times with Me My Elos:

To ensure permanent hair reduction results (89% terminal hair reduction after 7 treatments) you must follow the steps of 7 treatments with intervals of 1 week. Sometimes more than 7 treatments may be required, depending on person to person. After the first 7 treatments you can treat your desired area only as hair appears according to recommended treatment times. As you progress, you will notice longer and longer intervals between these touch up treatments. This is a gradual and cumulative reduction. When hair does grow back between each of the treatments, there will be less of it, and it will be finer, lighter and slower growing and only maintenance once in a while will be required. Session times are: Full body in 32 minutes / Full leg in 10 minutes / Underarm in 1 minute / Bikini area in 2 minutes / Male back in 12 minutes.

Areas of the body where the MeMyElos can be used:

You can use the memyelos epilator on practically all the male and female body, but read the manual to see which specific spots should not be treated. Typically it is used to remove hair on the arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, legs, chest, abdomen and back. For use on female facial hair, please use the goggles included and read the manual carefully. Do not use the me my elos on male facial hair, tattoos, moles or permanent makeup.

How elos achieves permanent hair reduction with the Me Elos epilator:

Permanent hair reduction means that when a follicle is thermally damaged it is not able to grow a terminal hair again. Because there are many millions of follicles that can potentially grow hair on the body, and since a significant portion of them is not at the right growth phase, it is not realistic to expect that every single follicle in the treatment area will be disabled. Moreover, many of the follicles in the skin don't have hair that is visible on the surface of the skin. These follicles have a much lower level of sensitivity to thermal damage so that even when they are exposed to the elos pulse they will not be disabled. These follicles have the potential of growing “new hair” later in time. Over several treatments with appropriate intervals, most of the follicles that cycle through hair growth will be affected by the elos procedure and will be critically injured so they are permanently disabled. It is important to remember that the body is converting these inactive or dormant follicles to grow later in life just as normal part of hair growth cycle or as a result of many factors: hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, disease or medications, obesity, or idiopathic causes. This is why there can be no guarantees or promises of "all the hair gone forever" from a certain area with Me My Elos. Follicles are closely intertwined with the skin and body response to internal physiological changes and follow a cyclical growth cycle. Every follicle destroyed will not grow back – your task as a memyelos user is to destroy the majority of follicles with your memyelos. Follow our treatment protocol and continue treating yourself with myelos until you are satisfied with the results. See that you are treating each area according to the minimum times displayed in the User Manual and continuously glide on your skin following the elos pulses to destroy as many follicles possible. Verify that you glide the applicator in a slow enough motion. The lamp flashes pulses. Just let the flashes flash away while you glide the machine over the areas. If you are using the epilator accessory then it is easier to see where you have glided over for the hair will be removed immediately. Allow 10 seconds to pass before returning to an area, if you see this is necessary.

Precautions and when NOT to use Me My Elos Epilator:

•  The me my elos system is designed for the removal of human body hair. Any other use is expressly prohibited; DO NOT use the system for removal of hair on your face or head.

•  DO NOT use the me my elos system over tattoos or permanent makeup.

•  During treatment, DO NOT hold the applicator tip of the elosme still in one spot! This might cause extensive heat build-up and possible skin damage.

•  If within the last three days you have had a long skin exposure to the sun,or if you have excessively tanned skin from sun, tanning beds or tanning creams within the last two weeks.

•  If you have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator.

•  If you have superficial metal or other implants in the desired treatment area.

•  If you have a history of any type of cancer, or pre-malignant moles.

•  If you suffer from severe conditions such as cardiac disorders.

•  If you have varicose veins in the treatment area.

•  If you have moles, large freckles, darker pigmented areas, scars or birthmarks.

•  If you are pregnant or nursing.

•  If you have an impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases such as AIDS and HIV, or use of immunosuppressive medications.

•  If you have endocrine disorders, such as Diabetes or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

•  If you have any active condition in the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, burns, herpes simplex, wounds or a rash.

•  If you have a history of skin disorders abnormal wound healing, as well as very dry and fragile skin.

•  If you have a history of bleeding coagulopathies, or use of anticoagulants.

•  If you are using medications, herbs, food supplements, and vitamins known to induce photosensitivity to light exposure at the wavelength used, such as Isotretinoin (Accutane) and /or topical retinoids within the last six months, Tetracyclines, or St. John's Wort within the last two weeks.

•  If you are using medications that may stimulate hair growth, such as Minoxidil. If you have had any surgical procedure in the treatment area within the last three months or before complete healing.

•  If you have Epilepsy.

•  If you have applied any type of anesthetics.

•  If you are on gold therapy.

Length of hair before treatment with MeMyEls and use of accessories:

•  If you use the epilator or shaver accessories (sold separately) simultaneously during treatment with me my elos, there is no need for shaving prior to treatment. Note: You can use the epilator or shaver if you have hair up to 10mm.

•  If you do not use the shaver or epilator accessories of memyelos, you should shave the required area prior the elos treatment. Note: to ensure best results, you should not remove hair by waxing or epilator more than 5 minutes prior to elos treatment. Best results are achieved when the epilator or shaver accessories are used simultaneously with elos.

•  When treating curvy areas (i.e. underarm and knees) work the area in 2 directions at a 90 degree angle, for full coverage. Hard-to-reach areas can also be treated by first using either the shaver or epilator (while placing a protective cap instead of the elos cartridge), followed by the application of elos (while placing a protective cap on the shaver/epilator side).

Specifications of MeMyElos:

•  Light spectrum: 550 – 1200 nm

•  Max elos energy: 9J/cm2

•  Max Optical: 4J/cm2

•  Conducted RF: 5J/cm2

•  Pulsed light repetition rate: Up to 2 pulses/second (2 Hz)

•  RF Wave frequency: 6.78 MHz

•  Radiofrequency power: 5 Watts

•  Coverage rate: Up to 6 cm2/second

•  Electrical power input: 100-200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

•  Note! The system will not operate above 30ºC

What doctors say about Me My Elos:

Dr. David Friedman, Dermatologist, Friedman Skin and Laser Center, Jerusalem, Israel: meelos is a most effective at-home hair removal device existant at this time, which is suitable for all skin types and hair colors. Most of the patients achieve an average hair reduction of almost 90% after 7 treatments. This remarkable clinical result and the safety and ease of use of the device - offer a new approach for treating unwanted hair at home.

Dr. Francesca de Angelis, Plastic Surgeon, DE.A. CENTER - Laser & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Napoli, Italy: With elos technology I can perform exceptional efficacious hair removal treatments with the greatest level of comfort. Unlike other hair removal procedures that only destroy the hair shaft, elos technology actually destroys the hair follicle, producing a faster, gentler and safer way to remove unwanted hair of the body areas. My patients are extremely happy with the results and they report effective hair loss.

Dr. Vince Afsahi, South Coast Dermatology Institute, California , USA: The unique thing about elos technology is that it combines 2 different modalities, a light modality in conjunction with radio frequency. What this allows us to do is treat more and more patients of all skin types with very little down time. The safety level of this technology is unparalleled and it's something that we are very excited to be able to offer to our patients over the last several years.

Countries we ship to:

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Company notice:

Syneron Medical Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to its products or specifications to improve performance, reliability, or manufacturability. Information furnished by Syneron Medical Ltd. is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, Syneron Medical Ltd. assumes no responsibility for its use. No license is granted by its implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Syneron Medical Ltd.

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